I'm Buddy

Your child’s personal AI English tutor
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I will help your child learn to SPEAK English using voice!

I will help your child learn to SPEAK English using voice!

Spoken Vocabulary

Over 1,500 words and phrases (pre-A1 - A2)

Chat with Buddy

Like with a human tutor


Guided by native speakers

Listening comprehension

Led by a cartoon avatar your kids will love to learn from!

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Over a million children from all over the world have already improved their English with my help. Now your child can too!

Perfect for kids:

Age 4 - 10 who started English early to prepare for a brighter future
Preschoolers whose parents don’t want them to fall behind in school
Young school-age children who want to be the best English speaker in their class
Older kids who need to keep up with their English studies
... and their mindful parents

What do teachers say?

Some kids are shy about English, especially in the classroom. Buddy gives them 1-on-1 attention and as much practice as they want, which boosts their self-esteem. Buddy is so fun, kids talk to him like he's their friend.
The challenge with language learning is that it should not be limited to the classroom. Buddy offers unlimited spoken practice, which is normally so difficult to find. Kids don’t see playing with Buddy as a learning process. A great addition to regular English classes.
We teachers are now dealing with digital natives, and sometimes it's hard for our generation to connect with theirs. Buddy helps us make that critical connection - Joking about Buddy or using examples from his practices helps us keep children’s attention on the topic. I must admit Buddy is a good assistant teacher.

Guess what kids are saying

I love it helps me learn English to go to places that speak English ♥️♥️♥️
See how it’s interesting it’s like a game!
I love Buddy, he is so much fun! And my mom gives me her tablet without doubt now.

What about parents?

Before Buddy, we couldn’t get our daughter interested in learning English. Now she is happy to play with Buddy every day. We don't have to force her, she just loves it.
I don’t have enough knowledge of English myself to teach my sons but I think English is a must-have now. Language should be learned constantly, and Buddy is a great help here!
After Buddy, Alonso is really excited about learning English – Buddy keeps him interested in learning through playing, and now when we are singing around the house he signs along even if he does not understand the lyrics.