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What does my subscription include?
Can I use Buddy app for free?
Can I transfer a Buddy subscription to a new device?
Can I have two different profiles on one device?
How do I purchase a subscription? Are there different types?
How do I cancel auto-renewal for my subscription?
How do I get a refund for my subscription?
How can I check when my subscription ends?
Do I need to create an account?


Why can't Buddy hear my child when he talks?
Why does the app look different on different devices?


My child completed all the learning expeditions...now what?
What if my child doesn't know the answer to Buddy's question?
Is my child old enough to start learning English with Buddy?
How often should my child practice English with Buddy?
Can I track my child's learning progress?

App install

How do I restore my child's progress after reinstallation or a transfer from another device?
Can I install the Buddy app on any device?
How do I delete my personal information from Buddy.ai?


How do I change my child's age or proficiency level in the app?
How do I change a scheduled lesson in the Buddy app?
How can I change the native language in the app?