From first words to English fluency—one learning game at a time

Buddy’s lessons may look and feel like games, but they’re part of a curriculum carefully designed by educational experts.

With every session, your child will develop three essential language skills

Vocabulary Retention
The app teaches more than 1,500 everyday English words and phrases in categories like Animals, School, and Home.

Buddy’s cutting edge technology lets your child practice saying new words out loud until they master them.

Listening Comprehension
Kids learn to understand English by chatting with Buddy, playing learning games and watching cartoons together.

Mastering these skills will boost your child’s speaking confidence and help them prepare for international language exams like Cambridge English Qualifications.

Tutoring tailored to your child’s needs

Parents can choose from three courses based on CEFR

Common European Framework of References for Languages is an internationally-recognized standard used to assess foreign language learning.

proficiency levels.
The perfect first step for children with little to no English exposure
For students who’ve begun learning English
For students who want to sharpen their English conversational skills

The best of both worlds

Buddy’s approach to language learning combines the personalized attention of live tutoring with lesson plans developed by experts using the latest educational strategies.

Communicative approach & Implicit learning
Buddy helps children learn English organically through 1:1 communication, problem solving and play.
Active retrieval
Buddy challenges students to recall previous English words during lessons, ensuring they retain vocabulary in long-term memory.
Total Physical Response (TPR)
Buddy promotes learning visually and verbally, as well as with facial expressions, gestures, and cartoonish animations. Children are encouraged to mimic Buddy’s reactions, which activates other regions of the brain to promote learning.
Spaced repetition
During lessons, Buddy will automatically return to more challenging words to build kid's confidence and strengthen memory.
Learning game loop
The app’s lessons interweave more challenging language acquisition with relaxing, creative games meant to keep students playing (and learning).
Buddy uses chapter-driven stories to increase engagement and provide context for the words that students are learning.

How Buddy Works

Buddy’s curriculum features 1,500 everyday English words and phrases organized into more than a dozen subjects:

Every Buddy lesson uses the PPP structure to maximize learning outcomes:


Buddy engages the child in small talk to help them feel comfortable.


Buddy introduces a new English word/phrase using flashcards, 3D objects, animations, video fragments and/or sounds.


The child then practices the word/phrase with Buddy through voice-based exercises and conversational games.


Buddy challenges the child to use the word/phrase correctly in conversation.

HomePLAY not homework

Learning a language in a busy classroom setting can be challenging. Buddy is an effective way to supplement your child’s English education at home and even improve their grades.

Unlimited speaking practice
Get all the personalized attention your child needs to feel confident saying English words out loud.

A fun, nurturing environment
Buddy’s playful attitude and frequent positive reinforcement encourages kids who might not feel comfortable pronouncing new words in front of their peers.

Learning at an individual pace
Move onto a new lesson or repeat a previous one—Buddy lets your child control their progress.

What experts say

  • Dr. Alex Desatnik,

    PhD, University College London

    “Voice-based virtual tutor, this concept may sound simple, but there is science behind that. From a psychology of learning standpoint, the virtual talking character is an embodiment of the teacher. This approach creates an effect called epistemic trust, strengthening the student's motivation and engagement, and improving the learning outcomes.”

  • Anton Leuski,

    PhD, University of Southern California (USC), Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT)

    “The process of learning with Buddy feels much closer to a lesson with a real human tutor than a standard language learning app or a website. The focus on speaking and using voice-based interactions with a virtual character makes a truly unique AI-based tool among the more common educational products. And in accordance with many scientific studies, including the surveys we conducted at ICT, this approach has many advantages over the standard graphic interfaces.”

  • Alex Korenev,

    PhD, Associate Professor at MSU

    "I firmly believe that in the future there will be a virtual reality based computer game where players will immerse into a natural learning environment to practice simulated real-life communication. Buddy is very close to this idea as it involves children into meaningful communication with an attractive character and allows them to function in various communicative situations that are based on real-life scenarios. This should allow them to apply these skills in the future."

Buddy helps teachers, too

The world’s first virtual tutor also makes the perfect classroom aide. In fact, hundreds of teachers are already using Buddy.

Some kids are shy about speaking English, especially in class. Buddy helps boost their confidence. I was amazed how some of my students talk to him. It’s like he’s one of their friends.
Olga, 🇱🇹 Lithuania
Giving my students enough speaking practice is a constant challenge. Buddy has been a huge help. He’s become an integral part of my teacher’s toolkit.
Sophia, 🇫🇷 France
I recommend the Buddy app to all of my students. They think of it as a game, not school work, so they use it a lot. The results speak for themselves.
Fernanda, 🇧🇷 Brazil
I started assigning Buddy as homework last year. The improvements in my students’ vocabulary and pronunciation were incredible. I recommend Buddy to all my fellow teachers.
Marco, 🇪🇸 Spain

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