Buddy.ai Research Grant

Exploring the efficacy of the Buddy.ai mobile application in the context of teaching English to preschool children6 to 12 months starting from 1 November 2024

Welcome to the Buddy.ai Research Grant opportunity – a platform for research focused on exploring the efficacy of the Buddy.ai mobile application in the context of teaching English to preschool children.

This initiative aims to enhance the application's role in facilitating English learning, instruction, and assessment. The research project, conducted in collaboration with the Dom Bosco School Network, will delve into the efficacy of the Buddy.ai mobile application for teaching English to preschool children. By utilizing the application within the structured environment of the Dom Bosco School Network, with a student body of 370 children aged 4-6, organized into 13 groups comprising 8-17 students each, this research project holds the potential to make a substantial impact.

To learn more about Buddy.ai's educational approach and curriculum, please take a moment to visit our website.

The project's anticipated duration is approximately 6 to 12 months.

To apply, please complete the application form available for download on our website and submit at research@mybuddy.ai

Who can apply?

Researchers possessing suitable qualifications (PhDs or currently pursuing a PhD) coupled with a specialization in early childhood education or/and computer-assisted language learning are invited to apply as Principal Investigators. 

The Principal Investigator must be associated with a Brazilian educational institution or recognised research organization.

Areas of interest

The areas of particular interest to Buddy.ai in 2024 are listed below. Studies clearly addressing one of these areas will be prioritized. 

  1. Investigating Buddy.ai’s Potential as a Teacher's Assistant
    • Explore the role of the Buddy.ai application as an educational tool that supports and enhances teachers' efforts in instructing English to preschool children.
    • Examine the ways in which Buddy.ai can serve as a teacher's assistant, helping educators with creating engaging lessons and/or home assignments and enhancing the learning process.
  2. Assessing Buddy.ai as a Stand-Alone Tool in Language Learning 
    • Investigate the efficacy of the Buddy.ai mobile application as a stand-alone tool for English language learning, with a specific focus on its potential to offer a comprehensive learning experience that could potentially complement or compete with traditional teaching methods.

Financial support

The financial support for the project will, in principle, be limited to a maximum of $5,000.

Key Dates for Buddy.ai Research

September 2024
Call for proposals
1 October 2024
Applications close
October 2024
Review of proposals
15 October 2024
Notification of decisions to applicants
October 2024
Drawing up and signing of a contract
1 November 2024
Project start


  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Prepare a research proposal (download template).
  3. Submit both the form and the proposal to research@mybuddy.ai